Saturday, May 14, 2011

PhotoBG / PhotoBG Free History

==== Ver 1.5 (5th update) ====

★ New Features
- Alpha can be set to each photo.
- The background image can be removed using the long press menu which will be shown by long pressing on the image.

★ Enhancement
- Fixed an issue that the bottom menu bar disappears after the device orientation is changed.
- Fixed an issue that editing photos can be enabled by tapping a photo after a selected photo is set to the background image.

==== Ver 1.4 (4th update) ====

- New Features
* Updating News

- Enhancement
* Fixed the bug that the selection mark was saved together.
* Fixed the bug that the size of the selection mark was not resized after applying a template.
* Prevented the layer for the background color from moving by gestures.
* Fixed the bug that the size of the layer for the background color was not resized after changing the background size.
* Added a new animation for deleting an image.
* Fixed the bug that the indicator disappeared before completing uploading a post to Facebook or Twitter
* Removed the potential memory leak.

==== Ver 1.3 ====

- New Functionalities
* Improved Photo Editing
* After you select a photo by tapping it, and then you can move, resize, rotate it by gesturing anywhere.

==== Ver 1.2 ====

- New Functionalities
* Setting an image to the background.
* Changing Shadow Color.
* Menu bar toggle by doubling tapping where there is no image.
* "Reset Effects"
* Event and News.
* Guide Image.
* Localization (Korean, Japanese).
* Sending feedback by e-mail.
* Version and our team information.

- Design
* Elaborated Application Icon.
* Integrated "Tools" and "Setting" menus.
* Added "App Setting".
* Added Orange Color.

- Enhancement
* Added view transition animations for applying templates and adding photos.
* In case that an image is added or stored, the size of it has been not influenced by the change of iPhone device orientation.
* Showing the number of photos of each photo album.
* Exception handling
* Fixed potential memory leaks
* Exception handling: the case of no photo in the photo album.

==== Ver 1.1 ====

- New Template
. 3X3 Rotated, 4X4 Rotated, 6X6 Rotated, 8X8 Rotated.

- New Functionality
. "Don't Rotate" on "Long Press Menu" (You can see "Long Press Menu" when you long press an image).

- Design
. Changed Template Menu Images.

- Enhancement
. Added the notice of authorizing Location Service for this app to use Album.
. Restore your editing status when you return to "Non Frame" from a frame.
. Showing Indicator while uploading a post to Twitter or Facebook.
. Highlighting the current Size, FX and Template.
. Hiding Album when this app enters background to update Album
. Fixed Album bug showing wrong thumbnails at the last table cell after scrolling table view in case that there is no matched thumbnail.
. Showing Keyboard when Twitter log in window is shown.

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